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I draw weird things, I hope you like them. Some of you support me at the Cons I peddle with is super nice. Keep being weird guys. (But not too weird.)

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Animethon 22

Posted by pwneropwnage - August 4th, 2015

Hey Guys, long time no see! I've been working uber hard on my first convention and it's just around the corner. I've got posters, stickers n' buttons hopefully to everyone's taste! I've got a secondary account under the name of StingRaych on DeviantArt! This is where I've been uploading my new stuff- but fret not I'll still be uploading art on this account. If you want to contact me you can E-mail me at Stingraychart@gmail.com 

Speaking of Animethon this is the Layout of the Artist Alley where Sabtastic, Pickletoez and I will be selling our wares.


I haven't posted this on Newgrounds, but these are the stickers I'll be selling!



Comments (4)

Those are some good looking stickers, hope you sold a bunch! Was it a fun experience, or just a lot of people watching? I apologize for not getting back to you sooner... I'll be moving to a rental place (somewhere) in another 2 weeks or so. Just next to squirrel away what I can first, then worry about where I'll ultimately live O_o

Thanks, yeah especially the Squirtle Squirts! It was fun and exhausting. Most people just glimpsed though, kinda stunk. I did good for my first con but ended up using most of it paying back for all the art supplies and table... And sushi. You seem to always be moving, hopefully you find somewhere stable!

Oh well, you'll sell them eventually, or package them in with other works... good taste never goes out of fashion :3 Next time, make your sisters feed you... use wide, sad eyes!

Yeah, I've certainly been jerked around a lot, spent money I didn't need to, to put my siblings and prospective buyers at ease :p But now (as of 1 1/2 months ago) the ol' farm finally did sell, and now I'm a soon-to-be-disposessed tenant. Old ppl love stuff, and I guess I've got a bit of that... would you like a cat or two, maybe some furniture?

I'd love to have some cats and furniture but my dog Pepper would probably destroy both lol

Pepper? Labrador? Dogs love to get tenacious about something, usually digging or getting at something, innocent really but Gob help you if you're in the way! My cats have taken to burrowing under the mat I lay their food tray on... cute, but disruptive. Also way too lumpy to walk on O_o

German Shepherd* And yeah- if you're in the way you get knocked over like a domino, unless you manage to hold your ground or she runs around you. lol, sounds like your cats are a bunch of cute turds!

Another artist here lost her Labrador, Pepper, not that long ago, also from Canada. Yeah, cute, but their turds aren't... just like young humans, young cats love to shit close to home :p Long story... very much in progress.

I have to leave something's of mine at the family's rental house next door (also soon to be sold, as soon as the tenant leaves, or burns the house down, as was prophecized when I was 7)... and the tenant's recently graduated (from HS) boy has lots of friends over to party in the garage. My stuff's not worth much, but I'd like it un-beer soaked and un-molested |:

Aww, that stinks, (Sounds like an interesting story, how does this prophecy roll out?) I don't have much experience with beer soaked things but it would most likely have a 50% chance that it could get messed with. Y'never know :B