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Project: Status report

Posted by pwneropwnage - September 20th, 2014

Hey guys, sorry that I haven't been updating as often- I've been uber busy with school and trying to sketch out drafts, ideas; trying to finish all sorts of projects, but they just keep piling up! So as a way to keep you informed about the mass of things i'm doing and which ones i'm currently working- So on and so on; i've made a list with most of the projects. Well, that's all for now so see you in a few weeks or so; and have a good one!


List of current projects:


Drafts (Early/ Idea)

Work In progress

Scrapped/ Danger of it


  • Divinity (Comic/ Book)
  • Origins (Comic/ Book)
  • Mycratia (Comic/ Book)
  • Ms. Ozlot (Comic/ Book)
  • Umbrella (Animation)
  • A tale of two (Animation)
  • Sages of the stone (Animation)
  • Arduina's atlas (Interactive/ Index)
  • Character line-up (Interactive/ Index)
  • Beasts & Beings (Interactive/ Animation?)
  • Linguistics guide to Arduinians (Interactive/ Tutorial)


Comments (8)

Hey, glad to know you're alive! 'Interactive', does that mean Flash per se? Have you taken any creative writing courses, maybe like an afterschool lit club?

(more) Weird question(s), have you been running into your sisters old teachers, and if so, how have they been treating you? How's Mel been doing, she hardly comes here anymore :(

Yeah, i'm trying to learn how to make buttons and stuff in flash- Haven't found any after school programs, bots lots of teachers seem interested whenever I tell them about it- they're all really nice! And I think that lately she's been feeling really good :)

This might work as a tutorial http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/468379 Going nuts trying to find what I saw a few months ago, would've been perfect!

I could've done an after school thing on creative writing, but there weren't enough chicks doing it lol! If you've read a lot of different stuff over the years, it shouldn't be a problem. The key is to structure it so the reader/viewer doesn't get bored. One trick is to have the main character go through good and bad experiences, alternatively, like: +-+--+-++

Thanks for the tutorial link, I'll keep note of the +- thing!

I learned it in a movie screenwriting course... Gotham Writer's Workshop in lower Manhattan, but they have centers everywhere and an online thing too. http://www.writingclasses.com/index.php

Do you have any written works on your dA account I could look at? Lol, you probably don't need help at all, and on the rare occasion I see one of your art pieces pop up here, it's always an improvement.

I have some writing projects, but they're all old and gross lol. I am currently writing Origins, and I think it's going pretty good so far- almost 100 pages in Word! If you want a sneak peak of It I can send you a link in a PM.

Oh man, been so busy getting my stuff together, just so I can move temporarily somewhere else! If you're going to move, do it before you collect a lot of junk lol :) It just sucks I have to leave my ancestral home right before Christmas, as well as have the containers packed away, into whatever I'm living in... still waiting to hear from a prospective landlord on whether my credit/criminal/insurance rating is good enough :\

How are your folks doing, well I hope? I'm glad I'm the baby of the family, my parents already figured out the easiest way to raise me, so the drama wasn't quite as high as with my older bro and sis..

They're still kicking, last time I turned my head from the computer screen lol. And lucky for you, sometimes it kind of feels like my parents don't understand what teenagers are like, and they should know by now after having three other kids before me :B

Eh, it depends where parents are in their relationship with each other too I guess. My sister's here to see to the wrapping up of the farm, and we were just talking about that.. so I'm glad I came along when I did, after things settled down! Of course, there's an almost 20 year difference between my bro and sis, sigh.

So busy... I'll get to your PM soon... in the meantime, wanna get practical?

Good luck continuing the story, throw an NG character or IRL person in if you can!

I hope you don't mind, but I restructured 2 or 3 of your sentences in the 20th Birthday piece, just to make them a little easier to read at speed. Have you seen Tom's finale to the story?

I'm really sorry I haven't responded to your PM, but I lost my internet connection in late May, and may not be able to get it back... for another few weeks :O Hope you're enjoying summer break!